About us

As a leading expert group in the field of Artificial Intelligence, we have been dedicated to our mission since 2015. In 2018, we proudly introduced the innovative MagicalSignal startup. Today, we operate three distinct websites, each offering invaluable free services to our users.
Our first platform, "Price Forecast," stands as a trusted source for both long-term and short-term price predictions and price movement forecasts, all at no cost to our users.
The second, known as "Magic Forecast," leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to deliver exceptionally accurate daily signals, empowering traders and investors with valuable insights.
Finally, our third platform, "Magic Analysis," is dedicated to providing precise daily signals generated through our proprietary algorithms. These signals are the result of meticulous technical analysis and the examination of various patterns and indicators.
At the heart of our operation is a commitment to delivering reliable and innovative AI-driven solutions to assist individuals and businesses in making informed decisions in the complex world of finance.


The primary goal of our organization is to offer a wide range of artificial intelligence services across various industries. Our website is designed to achieve the following objectives: Free Services for All: We are committed to providing free services to all our users. Whether you are a novice or an expert, our services are accessible to everyone.
User-Friendly Website Design: Our website is thoughtfully structured to ensure ease of use. Even individuals without prior knowledge of market analysis can navigate and utilize our services effectively.
Error-Free Information: We aim to deliver information with a high degree of accuracy, free from any human errors or personal biases. Our focus is on providing objective and reliable content.
Facilitating User Engagement: We encourage users to actively engage with our platform by fostering a community where opinions and insights can be freely exchanged. We value your feedback and ideas.
Utilizing User Signals: We harness the collective intelligence of our user community. Signals and data provided by our users are instrumental in enhancing the quality and relevance of our services.
Our commitment is to create an inclusive and informative platform that empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds to leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence. Together, we can harness the potential of AI to advance various fields and drive meaningful change.


Our approach involves the development of robust artificial intelligence frameworks across diverse domains. Specifically, we focus on the Price Forecasting Approach, which encompasses the following key elements:
Comprehensive Data Analysis: Our framework incorporates a vast array of stocks and commonly traded currencies from across the globe. This extensive dataset serves as the foundation for our analysis.
Enhanced Forecasting Precision: Our primary objective is to enhance forecasting accuracy significantly. We achieve this through the utilization of advanced mathematical concepts, cutting-edge image processing techniques, and machine learning algorithms.
Fusing Fundamental and Technical Analysis: To provide a more comprehensive perspective on price forecasting, we integrate both fundamental and technical analysis. This includes leveraging real-time news and other fundamental data alongside technical indicators.
Evaluation of Forecasting Results: We place a strong emphasis on rigorously evaluating the accuracy and reliability of our forecasts. Our approach includes continuous monitoring and validation to ensure the highest quality predictions.
Incorporating User Insights: We recognize the value of user feedback and opinions in refining our forecasting models. Our system is designed to systematically incorporate and analyze user opinions, thus improving the overall forecast quality.
Years of dedicated research and study have culminated in the development of our advanced Price Prediction Setup. This setup harnesses the power of advanced mathematical concepts, image processing technologies, machine learning algorithms, and extensive market analysis. It represents the culmination of various iterations and versions, each building upon the lessons learned and insights gained over time.

Make sure to take into account the insights provided by "MagicalPrediction" and "MagicalAnalysis" websites, alongside the information available on "Predict-Price," when making your trading decisions.

Please be aware that all forecasts are derived solely from daily price changes and do not factor in external influences such as news, company performance, or significant events. Therefore, it is imperative that you thoroughly assess all relevant factors before finalizing any trading decisions.
Additionally, it is essential to pay close attention to the forecast dates and the validity period of the predicted prices to ensure that your decisions align with the most current information.